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The Inspection Checklist


Inspecting a house can sometime seem to be a complicated and time-consuming, therefore, you must know how to choose a home inspection company and a home inspector. Besides, the inspection checklist will make the process easier and faster. Inspection checklists also ensure all the major sections of the house are inspected.

A checklist is very important when it comes to buying or selling a property. Most of the time the architecture and the design will affect the pricing of a house, but also inspection of the house has a little to do with it. One fault in the house can affect the buyer s view of the house and later affect the pricing. Some of the most inspected things are the mechanical, electrical and structural conditions.

The inspection checklist is used mainly to detect flaws in the house to ensure the purchaser is ready to deal with or the cost of replacing it. This is done to avoid buying a house with flaws and leaving the purchaser counting losses.

The checklist is important if you want to ensure maximum value of your house if you are selling. This will give you a good bargain when you meet a prospective buyer. If you want to buy a house, the inspection will help you know the flaws of the house. This will give you a rough estimate of the amount you will need to the repair. The amount can be deducted from the price of the house thus protecting you from incurring any extra expenses.

The inspection checklist below is almost similar to the one used by professionals. The following are not included since you need a professional to do;

  • Asbestos
  • Radon
  • GasLead
  • PaintToxic
  • MoldPest
  • Control

A home inspector is needed to carry out the inspection and advise you accordingly.

The Big Picture

  • If there are houses that were constructed around the same time as yours in your area, take the time and visit them. This will give you the general idea of the condition of your house.


  • Check if the roof is broken, the ridge is sagging and any sign of detoriation.
    Are the wooden roof deck appear delaminate or rotten.


  • Is the chimney leaning?
    Is the masonry cap broken or cracked?


  • Not the material used. This can either be wooden, plastic or aluminum.
    Note any missing sections.
    If it is made of wood, are there any rotten parts or paint problems?


  • Note any rusts or sagging sections.


  • Note the paint, missing bricks or rotten siding.
    Are the exterior walls bugled, leaning or bowed?


  • Are the any rotten wood, caulking or paint problems?
    How are the conditions of the windows or doors in terms of appearance?


  • Check for flaking damaged masonry or cracks.
    Any bowing bulging and other irregularities.


  • Note any crack in the plaster.
    Look for any stains or marking of a previous repair.


  • Check to ensure all fixtures are secure.
    Are there cracks in the fixtures?
    Note the condition of the tiles.
    Are the drawers okay?


  • When was the last time the heating and cooling inspected?
    The type of water supply and draining.
    Are there any upgrades that have been done?

Using the above Boston Home Inspection checklist will benefit you greatly, if you are buying or selling your house.

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